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Message from CEO
  • We are the most experienced LTCC package manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • We are business partner of the famous international company for ambient light applications.
  • We are listed company at emerging stock market of Taiwan. (TT 3603)
  • We have superior technology in optical design, electronic engineering, mechanical design, and thermal management, which makes UPEC have irreplaceable position in LED industry.

    As for product lines, we focus on developing unique technology in three categories.
    First, in LED backlight, we're trying to find the best solution to meet the market needs. Second, for illumination, we design high quality LEDs for replacement of conventional light applications. We provide concept, design-in, mock-up, testing sample, mass production and end of life (EOL) for our clients, particularly in module and application arena. Third, we spent tremendous effort to improve the efficiency of AC LED technology; therefore, it can take LED development into next generation.

    Our mission is to be an innovative LED lighting manufacturer which makes lighting application brighter, prettier and more energy saving.
  •   To explore the technical leadership in LED industry, UPEC was established by our founder- Vinsen Hsiao in 2002. During the past few years, UPEC has demonstrated state of art technology in LED packaging arena, especially dedicated in high power ceramic field. (LTCC)

    The outstanding achievements of UPEC are:
    Our Company
      UPEC Electronics Corp. is a technical oriented manufacturer, focusing on high brightness LED solutions for applications in automotive engineering, industrial controls, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics and communication devices. As an agile, organic, and energetic organization, we are all committed to improve our manufacturing processes and productivity to be the cost efficient LED supplier of today. Our vision is to become an optoelectronic solution provider, integrating optical, mechanical and electronic design capability together with efficient manufacturing through high-quality and high-performance products and services.
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